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Welcome to MC Global Music!

We are a community of professional music educators and industry experts, helping students and independent musicians make a thriving career out of their music.

Randy MC established MC Global Music which caters to the music publishing imprint, music production, and music lessons.

MC Global Music Publishing is a music publishing imprint that handles the logistics of song releases, distribution, publishing application, and royalty collection for indie artists.

MC Global Music Studio is involved with everything music production and music tutorials. At the studio, we facilitate and teach voice, instrument, and music theory. This offers flexibility for both online and in-person learning sessions.  We also perform remote music productions and collaborations with a top-notch set of recording equipment.

Other services offered at the studio are songwriting, beat making, creating backtracks, sound recording and editing, audio mixing, and mastering.


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There’s a place for you at MC Global Music Studio whatever the journey your music dreams have taken you. Here at the Studio, your learning needs are considered both as a freshman and a professional.

The fun and beauty of music are that there is always something to learn as you pursue mastery. We want to help make your journey safer, more enjoyable, and more satisfactory.

As an instrumentalist, you can learn to sharpen your proficiency or learn a new instrument. You can also learn the theories of music, which further makes you a guru at your craft. As a vocalist, you can upgrade the level of your performance.

Come and enjoy the experience.


Let’s Make Magic Together


Randy Martono-Chai

Founder, Keyboard Instructor, Vocal Instructor, Music Theory Instructor, Jazz Theory Instructor

Jade Gail Tan

Operations Manager, Songwriter

Victor Okoruwa

Senior Publishing Agent, Virtual Assistant