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Distribution made simple for indie artists

Maximize your royalty earnings and reach your audience through top platforms like Spotify, Meta, Youtube Music, Instagram, and more.

Partner with us for the best outcomes

We specialize in effective music-releasing strategies to get your music out into the world without costing your time and budget.

Improve your music’s visibility

Your music deserves recognition. Our extensive network of radio stations around the world can help you pitch your music.

Collect the royalty with ease

Our publishing imprint reimburses songwriters 50% of the publisher’s share of royalties in the form of a rebate program. We work perfectly as your middleman to ensure the registration of your work is proper, and you get your royalties with an equal share and no compromises.

Ears always demand new and unique tunes. If you have it in you, MC Global Music Publishing is all ears and keenly ready to help you get your work across by making publishing convenient.

We’ll take care of your back-end so that you can focus on what truly matters to you. We’ve been helping indie artists and songwriters distribute, release, publish, and collect royalties for their music!

MC Global Music Publishing is a music publishing imprint specializing in saving indie musicians time by managing all the distribution, release, and royalty collections for them.

As a music publisher, we help our clients protect and monetize their intellectual property by registering their works with performing rights organizations (PROs), collecting and distributing royalties, and negotiating licensing deals.

Our team of experienced publishing professionals is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We work closely with them to develop tailored strategies that maximize their revenue and ensure their music reaches the widest possible audience.

In addition to traditional publishing services, MCGM Publishing also offers administration and sync licensing services. With our administration service, we handle all the back-end work of publishing, including registering works with PROs, tracking and collecting royalties, and providing detailed accounting statements. Our sync licensing service helps clients secure placements in film, television, and other media, providing an additional revenue stream for their music.

Whether you’re an established songwriter or just starting out, MCGM Publishing can help you achieve your goals in the music industry. Contact us today to learn more.


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How do we do this?

By ensuring that all of your tracks have as diverse a digital footprint as possible. We want to get your music everywhere, on all platforms, allowing you to maximize your royalty earnings. We’re all about supporting indie musicians, and we’ll save your time by handling your collections, distributions, and publishing needs.

We use the best technology in the market to deliver a professional publishing experience for indie artists everywhere. Our creative team is on-hand to help you get your music across multiple platforms, improve your digital brand and publish more music today.


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Publishing Services We Offer

​MC Global Music Publishing has a team of music experts that handle everything for you. We’ll handle your publishing, royalty collections, and even your logistics in order to make your process seamless. Additionally, we are more than happy to file copyright and/or Performing Rights Organization (PRO) registrations on your behalf. A PRO is a company that collects royalties for the content owner, ensuring that composers and publishers are appropriately compensated for any usage of their music. It doesn’t matter if you’re a band, musician, composer, or songwriter – we have services that will benefit you on offer today. Check out our services in more detail below. Got a question? Connect with the team now via the contact us page in the navigation bar.


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Your Partner in Releasing Music

We specialize in effective music releasing strategies that will get your music out there into the world without costing your time and budget. At MC Global Music Publishing, our team handles your logistics and music releases so that you don’t have to. Focus your time on creating your music, and allow us to release your single, extended play, or album through our industry-leading distribution partners. You’ll be able to gain a devoted following far more quickly and effortlessly thanks to our tailored music releasing services. When it comes to gaining traction in the music industry, the best way is to release your content frequently and consistently. That’s what we do. We make releasing your music completely hassle-free so that you can focus on creating more music for your fans. We’ll help develop your following by handling the backend whilst you consistently work on new releases.


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Your Music, on All Digital Service Providers (DSP)

In today’s world, online music stores and streaming services are referred to as DSPs. With the rise of digital consumption, more people are turning to DSPs like Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud to listen to their favorite music. This is great news for up-and-coming musicians, as it’s easier than ever to get your music out there and heard by a wider audience.

At our company, we’re dedicated to helping artists like you showcase their talent on all digital platforms. With our expert team of professionals, we can help you get your music published and promoted on all the major streaming services.

We can help you with:

  1. Release: We ensure your music gets properly shared with the world. We can help oversee the logistics to get this done and work with you to coordinate your momentum in brand promotion to maximize the impact of your music.
  2. Distribution: We can help you distribute your music to a wide audience and increase your reach and exposure.
  3. Promotion: We can help you promote your music and increase your visibility on digital platforms.
  4. Royalty Collection: Generate revenue from streaming royalties. The larger your audience, the more royalties we collect!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase your work to the world. Contact us today and get your music heard on digital streaming platforms!

We understand the importance of saving time during the distribution process, as your top priority is dedicating your precious time to actually making music. For our clients, we offer the unique benefit of giving half of the publisher’s royalty share to respective songwriters. This is a great opportunity for you to spend less time worrying about your royalties and collections.

Dedicate more time to your craft and focus on what truly matters today with our services. Through communicating with Publishing Rights Administrators, we will securely provide you with your share of your hard-earned royalties. Publishing Right Administrators purely act in this case as a middleman, ensuring your works are properly registered to earn royalties. We’ll make the entire process seamless and help deliver you results. Your royalties and earnings shouldn’t be stressing you out. Get in contact with us now. We offer mechanical licensing, as well as assistance in the creation of CD’s, vinyl, and other products.

Royalty Collections, Made Easy
Handle CD, Vinyl, & Poster Production

This is often one of the more exciting phases in music production, as it can have you feeling like a ‘real’ musician. There’s nothing more magical than holding your first CD for the first time, and that feeling never really goes away. At MC Global Music Publishing, we’re passionate about you and your brand. You’ll never have to waste time worrying about poster production arrangements or sourcing the best disk producers again. We’ll be able to swiftly provide you with all the production services necessary to make this step of the process as efficient and painless for creators as possible.


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Pitch Your Music to More Playlists – Be Visible!

One of the easiest ways for users to find your music is through playlists on various streaming services. Pitching your music effectively to Spotify Playlist Editors is crucial for making sure your content grows on the platform and is in the correct genre, mood, theme, and more to reach your target audience.

We will make sure to approach them with sufficient information and insights about your music to ensure your music is categorized in the best way possible to appeal to your demographic. We’ll also work alongside Playlist Curators and Collaborative Playlists to ensure your music is featured in more playlists, and as such, gains better reach.

Pitch Your Music to Radio Stations Worldwide

Your music deserves to be heard. We have and extensive network of radio stations around the world that we are able to pitch your music. Don’t be restricted by geographical location, the world deserves to enjoy your art. That’s why we pitch radio stations globally to ensure your music reaches your target audience, no matter where they are located.

Your Music in Magazines, Blogs, & More

Music marketing has become much easier over time due to these press avenues. We know how challenging it can be to dedicate your time to both recording songs and promoting them with the same enthusiasm.

Kick back and relax and let us help you by pitching your music to countless music magazines, blogs, and promoters so that you don’t have to. Reaching out to all these platforms is essential for spreading the word about your songs and growing your audience, but it shouldn’t come at a cost to your creativity.

We’ll share your music with reputable publications, blogs, and promoters within the industry, helping your music gain traction.

Pitch Your Music to A&R Companies

MC Global Music Publishing also pitches our clients’ music to A&R (Artists and Repertoire) Companies. These companies help with synchronization licenses which is a legal arrangement between the copyright owner of a piece of music and the party wanting to utilize that music that allows the copyrighted music to be synchronized to any other content.

MC Global Music Publishing is a leading partner of many professional A & R organizations. If you want to share your art with the world, get in touch with us now.

Earn Royalty Rebates

We are proud to offer a 50% reimbursement of the publisher’s share of royalties in the form of a rebate! Publishers claim half the royalties collected, yet we simply want to put more money in our clients’ and songwriters’ pockets. This unique rebate program incentivizes all our signed imprint artists to write their own songs and to continually promote their own music through social media and live performances.

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MC Global Music Publishing helps new musicians and artists jumpstart their musical journey by building a professional network of artists, promoters, and more to boost their traction. Our team of music industry veterans can handle publishing, promotions, and royalty matters, so you can focus on creating new music. Book a free, no-obligation discussion call to learn how we can revolutionize your music publishing, promotion, and distribution processes. We provide guidance and polishing to help you make your mark in the ever-growing ocean of music. Book a consultation below to get started!


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