Transforming self-esteem through music development


MC Global Music Studio aims to turn your passion for music into a flourishing career. We guide and train musically passionate people to help them confidently express themselves with their music.



Other than ensuring learning, we at MC Global Studio offer an exceptional one-to-one consultation service so that you are partnered with the right instructors for your goals. We cater to the skills of any to-be-musician from the beginning. So, whatever you dream about your music career, you will flourish once you have the knowledge and a path to follow




Unleash your inner rockstar! Elevate your guitar skills to new heights with expert guidance, personalized lessons, and a passion-driven approach. Let your music soar as you embark on a transformative journey of creativity and self-expression. Start strumming today!


Embrace the enchanting allure of the violin! Dive into a world of sublime melodies and rich harmonies. Awaken your musical soul, express emotions through every stroke, and become a virtuoso of the bow. Start your violin journey today!


Unleash the deep, resonant voice of the viola! Step into a world of expressive warmth and soul-stirring melodies. Elevate your musical individuality and journey with personalized guidance and unlock the true potential of this captivating instrument. Begin your viola odyssey now.


Unleash the expressive power of the violoncello, also known as the cello! Immerse yourself in its deep, emotive resonance. Experience the sublime beauty and versatility of this instrument, as you embark on a musical transformation. Begin your journey as a cellist today!

Double Bass / Electric Bass

Dive into the rhythmic heartbeat of the bass and discover the immense depth of the largest and lowest-pitched instrument in the orchestra! Unlock the groove, master technique, and unleash your musical prowess. Start your bass journey today!


Unlock the ethereal beauty and enchantment of the harp. Our experienced instructors will guide you in harnessing its heavenly tones, creating a mesmerizing musical experience that resonates with elegance and grace.


Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Discover the art of the trumpet. Harness this horn instrument’s powerful and vibrant sound, versatile range, and expressive qualities, and elevate your musical skills through our lessons guided by our marvelous faculty.

French Horn

Unveil the distinct charm of the French horn. Its majestic tone, expressive capabilities, and versatile melodic range offer a remarkable musical journey. Enroll in lessons with our professional instructors to hone your skills on this brass instrument.

Trombone & Bass Trombone

Embrace the deep resonance of the trombone and bass trombone. From powerful resonances to expressive slides, these brass instruments offer exceptional musical opportunities. Enhance your skills through our comprehensive lessons in either or both.

Euphonium & Baritone Horn

Immerse yourself in the captivating timbre of the rounder, mellower euphonium, or the lighter, brighter tone of the baritone horn. These low-brass instruments offer a unique musical journey through solo and band repertoire. Sign up now and let our professional instructors guide you toward your artistic aspirations.

Tuba & Sousaphone

Indulge in the commanding presence and rich resonance of the tuba and sousaphone. Ideal for both concert and marching bands, they offer a distinctive solo repertoire. Our skilled instructors will help you master these iconic low-brass instruments, enabling you to make a resounding impact in any musical ensemble.


Clarinet & Bass Clarinet

Indulge in the distinct charm of the clarinet varieties. From the bright tones of the E-flat clarinet to the mellow richness of the C clarinet and the powerful depths of the bass clarinet, embrace their distinctive timbres, versatile ranges, and expressive qualities, as you learn to create enchanting melodies and bring music to life.

Flute & Piccolo

Develop your musicality with the brilliance of the concert flute. From the soaring range of the piccolo to the haunting depths of the contrabass flute, explore alluring melodies with the C flute, alto flute, and bass flute. Elevate your artistry as a flautist through our world-class lessons.


Uncover the captivating glamor of the oboe. This reed instrument’s distinct timbre and expressive qualities will transport you to new musical heights, as you master this exquisite instrument through expert-guided lessons.


Experience the soulful allure of the saxophone. Immerse yourself in the timbral wonders of the Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone saxophones. Dive into expressive melodies, rich tones, and dynamic versatility, and let this classic reed instrument become your voice in the world of music.


Percussion & Drums

Feel the rhythmic pulse within. Our percussion and drum lessons immerse you in the dynamic world of beats, grooves, and textures, igniting your passion for and manifesting the heartbeat of all music.

Piano & Keyboard

Master the timeless beauty and versatile charm of the piano and keyboard. Captivate audiences with classical elegance or contemporary flair, creating electrifying music that transcends boundaries.



Explore the power of your own musical voice with our transformative guidance. Express emotions, tell stories, and create captivating melodies that resonate with your audience.

Music Theory

Unlock the secrets of music with our comprehensive music theory lessons. Gain a deeper understanding of how melodies, harmonies, and rhythms come together, empowering you to compose and perform with confidence.


Ignite the creative spark of your inner composer. Our music composition lessons empower you to craft original works, weave emotions into melodies, and create unique sonic landscapes that resonate with listeners around the world.


Step onto the podium and unlock your potential as a maestro! Experience the exhilaration of leading an orchestra or ensemble. Develop your baton technique, interpretation, and communication skills through immersive online conducting lessons. Unleash your musical leadership and shape extraordinary performances. Enroll in online conducting lessons today.


Release your inhibitions with the extraordinary power of your voice. Our vocal lessons empower you to express emotions, develop technique, and captivate listeners with your unique sound and heartbeat performances.

Music Production & Audio Engineering

Unleash your creativity behind the scenes. Learn the art of music production and audio engineering, transforming raw sounds into polished masterpieces, and shaping the sonic landscape of tomorrow’s music.


Disk Jockeying

Unleash your passion for beats and rhythms! Dive into the electrifying world of disc jockeying. Master the art of mixing, blending tracks, and captivating crowds. Elevate your DJ skills and ignite the dance floor. Start your DJ journey today!


Ignite the spirit of folk and bluegrass in your soul! Discover the twangy melodies and infectious rhythms of the banjo. Let your fingers dance on the strings and immerse yourself in a timeless musical tradition. Unleash your banjo magic today!


Strum your way to joy with this portable and delightful instrument. Unleash your inner island spirit, learn chords, and serenade the world with the ukulele’s delightful melodies. Begin your ukulele journey today!


Ignite your musical spirit with the harmonica’s soulful sound! Master the art of bending notes, breath control, and dynamic melodies. Let your harmonica wail and captivate audiences with your soulful harmonies. Dive into the blues and start playing harmonica today!


Embark on a soulful journey through the captivating world of this idiom. Immerse yourself in improvisation, syncopation, and complex harmonies, and cultivate your own distinct musical style through the guidance of our world-class jazz experts.



MC Global Music Studio was established with the intention of helping beginners to get started and talented musicians to advance their musical abilities.

People with musical talent require the right training and polishing to help them on their career path, and once they have the right educator, they can become global sensations.

At MC Global Music Studio, we build self-esteem and self-confidence and transform lives through musical development.

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