Dear Students and Indie Artists,

I want to welcome you to MC Global Music. We are thrilled to have you join our Music Community. We are eager to see what impact our community will have on your music career and the effect that you will have on the community.

MC Global Music is a community of professional music educators and industry experts that help students and independent musicians make the best out of their music. MC Global Music caters to music publishing imprints, music production, and music lessons.

MC Global Music Publishing is the music publishing imprint arm of MC Global Studio that handles the logistics of song releases, distribution, publishing application, and royalty collection for indie artists.

MC Global Music Studio is also an arm of MC Global Music involved with everything music production and tutorials. At the studio, we facilitate and teach voice, instrument, and music theory.

We offer flexibility for both online and in-person learning sessions. We also perform remote music productions and collaborations with a top-notch set of recording equipment.

Other services offered at the studio are songwriting, beat making, creating backtracks, sound recording and editing, audio mixing, and mastering.

I encourage you to maximize the opportunity of learning and contributing to the community. I am confident that you will find our community supportive, dedicated, and committed to seeing you become the best that you can be. I am passionate about seeing you excel as a professional musician.

Musically yours,

Randy Martono-Chai AKA Randy MC