Alex Haley


Mastering Engineer Instructor (Beg.-Adv.), Guitar Instructor (Beg.-Adv.), Electric Guitar Instructor (Beg.-Adv.), Bass Instructor (Beg.), Songwriting Instructor (Beg.-Adv.), Audio Engineering Instructor (Beg.-Adv.)

Fields of Expertise:

Guitar Performance (Contemporary-Commercial Music & Jazz), Electric Guitar Performance (Contemporary-Commercial Music & Jazz), Bass Performance (Contemporary-Commercial Music & Jazz), Oud Performance, Bansuri Performance, Songwriting, Audio Engineering


Instrumental; Audio Engineering; Composition, Songwriting, & Arranging

Professional Highlights:

Alex began playing music by age five, starting on piano and then acoustic guitar. His musical journey began when he fell in love with the electric guitar as an early teenager after being inspired by videos of iconic guitarists like Eddie Van Halen.

Wanting to dive deeper into guitar, music, and audio engineering, Alex went to study music production and jazz guitar at Shenandoah Conservatory in Virginia. After completing his studies, he moved to New York City – working as a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer while also performing on guitar as a sideman for artists at venues around the NYC area.

Currently based in Burlington, Vermont, Alex’s musical journey is always evolving. He now plays a wide variety of instruments such as the oud (ancient ancestor of the lute and guitar), Native American flute, bansuri (Indian bamboo flute), and frame drum.

His musical style with strong roots in jazz, rock, and improvisation is now blending with more recent influences from the Middle East, India, and Africa. He is currently taking on new students in-person in Burlington or remotely, teaching guitar, bass, audio production, songwriting, and more.

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered Works:

Educational History:

B.M., Shenandoah Conservatory

“Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.” -J. Hendrix