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Plan and schedule the best moment to release your music. 


We help you register your music on BMI and DistroKid, maximize the momentum and energy of your release, and enhance the reach of your music across various algorithms, like the Spotify playlist algorithm.


Ensure your music gets to your fans all over the globe.


Your music is distributed through collaborations with top DSPs like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Deezer, and more.


Proper music registration and copyrighting.


We guarantee proper song copyrighting at standard PROs and MROs internationally so that wherever your music is played, your rights are not infringed.

Royalty Collection

This is where everything pays off.


50% of all the royalties from distribution and publishing are collected and disbursed to you. We do the hard and smart work while you get your cut; easy peasy…

Music Marketing and Promotions

We Pitch Your Music:

To Radio Stations Worldwide

To Playlists

To A&R Companies

To Magazines, Blogs, & More